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Sustainability & The Officare Commitment

At OffiCare Supply we are committed to protecting human health and the environment through our large selection of Green Cleaning Certified products. We are constantly searching for ways to reduce any harmful effects our business activities may have on this planet.

Here are some of the upgrades OffiCare has implemented to improve our operations:
  • We are constantly sorting through the various manufacturers to find True Green Products.
  • Recycling is a common practice throughout our whole facility.
  • We have implemented a “Fast Track” program that ensures efficient trips and fuel consumption reduction.
  • Through our new website customers will be able to now find all sales related documents online.
  • We are proud to announce that our operations run almost completely paper-less thus reducing our carbon footprint on the environment.

Why Green Cleaning?

By incorporating green cleaning into your business, you help protect the health of people without harming the environment. This does not mean you sacrifice appearance or effectiveness; you simply engage in the process and techniques that are less abrasive on the environment and by doing so, it typically presents the same or better results.

Health and Cost Containment

Building related illness affect many American workers since people spend as much as 90% of their time indoors. Improve indoor environmental quality by using products that have a reduced impact on the environment and incorporate green cleaning practices. This can also help improve productivity and save companies money. Applying these practices may limit the number of respiratory, asthma and allergy issues that may surface which typically result in sick days, doctor visits and low productivity.


Many state, local and federal governments as well as non-government (i.e. schools) organizations now require the purchase and use of products that have a reduced impact on the environment.

How Do I Get Started?

Briefly, to begin a green cleaning program, you will want to:
  • Take a close look at your facility to determine the current condition as a starting base line.
  • Review how your facility is being cleaned and see where changes can be made to reduce time, waste and exposure to harmful chemicals.
  • Search sources for chemicals, supplies and equipment that are Green Certified

Going green is not an all or nothing proposition, but a continuum of steps that can be implemented either one at a time, or in concert. Check out some of these great links to help better prepare you:

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